Reservation Police


Prices vary from €105 to €195 for 2 persons and from €95 to €170 for a double room for singel use. All Taxes are included in the rates. Optional breakfast at €10 per person.

For inquiries & reservations,

please call us or send an e-mail.

IMPORTANT Notice: Reservation Policy



I.- RESERVATION POLICY - PLEASE NOTE: There is a minimum stay of 3 nights




For the end of the week(Thursday, Friday, Saturday), we take reservations only 1 week in advance.

...unfortunately there can be NO GUARANTEE Of AN AVAILABLE ROOM then.


B.- For reservations which are made longer than 2 months in advance there is a minimum stay of 5 nights in general.


C.- In general, we accept reservations only up to 4 months prior to the arrival day.

Sometimes, however, we make an exception under the condition of pre-payment, no change of the reservation, and no refund, if the room cannot be rented out. We recommend to take out travel insurance.


D.- Because we are a very small, individual hotel with highly personalized and rather sophisticated rooms, unfortunately NO reservations from any GROUPS (more than 4 people) can be accepted.



a) In case of a CANCELLATION IN TIME we will not charge you.


b)Cancellations after the cancellation limit ARE NOT POSSIBLE.In this case,we reserve the right to charge the whole amount, if and when the room cannot be rented out on the same conditions. Because of the rapidly changing booking habits in these modern times, unfortunately, we now only can provide a very limited time frame for cancellations.

c) Any CHANGE of the reservation after the day of the cancellation limit, unfortunately, is also NOT POSSIBLE.


d) PLEASE READ THIS avoid any misunderstanding:


Because we DELIBERATELY do not work with any booking sites and travel agencies whatsoever, therefore UNFORTUNATELY WE NEED THIS VERY STRICT CANCELLATION POLICY, and therefore cannot make any exceptions - REGARDLESS the reason of the cancellation (personal & family & weather conditions,flight cancellations,etc.).

By the way, we do not work with these very popular sites out of monitary reasons (!) but because we cannot except any anomymous bookings for our very individual and private property - in the best interest of our actual guests, and also in our own interest...


Kindly keep in mind:This is a small and very individual, privately owned, hotel (with owners who are working as hard as you do)and not one of those anonymous big chain hotels of the so-called "travel industry": PLEASE DO NOT RESERVE if you do not like to accept our conditions - to prevent any MUTUAL disappointment.

We strongly recommend you to TAKE OUT TRAVEL INSURANCE!!!!!! This is an easy and inexpensive way to avoid any inconvenience in case of an emergency!PLEASE, do not take any risk!!







A.- PLEASE,NEVER send CREDIT CARD DETAILS by normal e-mail - ONLY BY TELEPHONE, FAX or secured booking form.

We cannot guarantee the safty of personal data which are sent by ordinary e-mail. Experts say:It is as if you were sending your credit card details by post card.


There is HIGH DANGER of Trojan Horses,etc.,etc. E.g., see a report - as early (!!!) as December 2008 - in The New York Times by John Markoff: " BE AFRAID. NO, REALLY - Cybercriminals Are Winning The Internet card thefts,bank fraud and other scams rob computer users of an estimated $ 100 billion a year,according to a CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATE...As many as 10 million computers are infected by MALICIOUS SOFTWARE...".

Is it really necessary to risk your precious money ( these critical times of financial insecurity and economic uncertainty) - with no chance to gain anything - only because it is convenient ?


If you have any difficulties to reach us by phone to provide your credit card details or for any questions,please send your telephone number and WE will CALL YOU.


Please note: We promise to handle your personal data with all possible care, nonetheless, there is DEFINITELY no ultimate security in these modern times - as we come to know DAY BY DAY...therefore WE CANNOT ACCEPT ANY LIABILITY!


B.- There is NO ELEVATOR in this historical canal house of 1710, but A VERY NARROW AND EXTREMELY STEEP STAIRCASE. Unfortunately, there is nobody which could help you with your luggage. It is definitely a HERCULEAN CHALLENGE! Be prepaired - or avoid it...


By the way,since July 1 2008 a comprehensive national smoking ban is in effect for all hotels and restaurants in The Netherlands.


D. - All rooms have AIR CONDITIONING.


E.- We regret: Unfortunately this historical canal house is NOT suitable for families with babies or children under 14.



Did you forget your LAP TOP?

No problem. We lend you one -FREE OF CHARGE-to take to your room, for 1 or 2 hours (unfortunately not during the entire day...because other guests might ask also for one, and we do not have an extra computer for all of our rooms.)Please note: The use of our computers is on your own responsibility.


G.- Local telephone calls are free.



H.- The all-important hair dryer...


NEEDLESS to say: If you are paying up to € 210.- per night - in all modesty! - you may expect a hair dryer in your room - without the terrible necessity to write an extra e-mail. . .It goes without saying, we also provide an iron and iron bord, on request.





DELIBERATELY we have chosen not to work with

a) any booking sites whatsoever or even

b) travel agencies.(Please take care, not to get caught in the trap of a popular misinterpretation: We do this NOT to avoid any - indeed somtimes a little bit outrageous - commission fees but...GUESS!)...

YOU know much better than the best travel agent in the world what you personally like. AND, first and foremost:this - indeed very exclusive policy - helps us (mostly...) to AVOID the well known problems and misunderstandings of impersonal & anonymous internet bookings. By the way, there is more in life than to amass a maximum of money, although this seems to be the very poor philosophy and signature of our brave new century... We are sorry,if our - unfortunately necessary - policy might be a little inconvenient for you.


Therefore, our rooms can be reserved EXCLUSIVELY PERSONALLY...not even by your secretary!

To guarantee AN OPTIMUM OF SATISFACTION we offer quite AN UNIQUE SERVIVE to the individual,sophisticated and discriminating traveller.


<SEE what you get - GET what you see>


we provide numerous photos ,which show ALL of our rooms (not only the most gorgeous, as on most hotel websites...) in - nearly - all their such an extent that you are quite familiar with your room,when you open the door for the first time. A sevice which not so many hotels dare to offer...

(PLEASE, kindly KEEP IN MIND:Some photos are made with a wide angle lens,to enable you to see the totality of the room - not just a nice goes without saying that the - by the way well-sized - rooms appear to be larger than they in reality can be. Unfortunately, this is an absolutely unavoidable - but well-known! - technical question.).


Would you be so kind as to CHOOSE and decide - IN LEISURE - which rooms (if any...) are most IN ACCORDANCE WITH YOUR WISHES AND PREFERENCES?

YOUR PERSONAL CHOICE IS ALL IMPORTANT: It's YOU who will be staying with us ... most probably not your secretary.

PLEASE NEVER choose a room which is not your first choice (e.g.because it might be the only available one).In this case, we very much prefer you to CHOOSE ANOTHER HOTEL , and we also reserve the right not to accept such a reservation to prevent a MUTUAL disappointment.


We very much like you to FULLY ENJOY YOUR STAY with us (...and not only so,so!).That's an essential part of OUR SATISFACTION.

There is only one simple reason of our good reputation: THE SATISFACTION of the overwhelming majority of our guests:



as one of our very appreciated American guests (who stayed with us twice a fortnight) named it so poetically.


THE SECRET of this sweet satisfaction results exclusively from YOUR well-considered CHOICE of the room which suits you best :


YOU CAN CHOOSE ....between rooms with a view at the canals (the sumptuous intersection of Reguliersgracht and Keizersgracht),and

rooms with a view at the lovely gardens.


Please kindly note:

Amsterdam is the beautiful and busy (young!) capital of The Netherlands and not a dreamy and sleepy village in the middle of the country side:

If you are A LIGHT SLEEPER, please keep this in mind if you would like to reserve a CANAL VIEW ROOM,which is also always a "street view room":

Your eyes will be absolutely pleased what you get to see at daytime,your ears might have some doubts at night...especially if you are fighting against the jet lag. Although the hotel is on a quiet street,you can't sleep with open windows (as in no big city) - certainly not on hot weekends in the summer.


THE SECRET of the secrets is: We provide THE great OPPORTUNITY for such a choice.

THANKS to the extra-ordinary FRIENDLINESS and GREAT LOYALITY of our very appreciated guests ,we are in the happy position to be able to offer such a service.

Therefore,please come to the right decision and

CHOOSE ONLY the rooms,which you love:


For the little rest we promise to do our very best to fulfill your - hopefully realistic - expectations ...


...If there are any open questions or if there is any uncertainty, PLEASE, ALWAYS ASK.

Best BY PHONE (ultra-modern: still unmatched ! easy,immediate personal feedback),

...Please not by a cascade of more or less informative E-MAILs ( TIME - CONSUMING and relatively SLOW:UNPRODUCTIVE,therefore: pseudo-modern), the well-known ,and widely feared, modern terror of the business world...



...If anything is not the way you might have expected it,PLEASE,let us know this IMMEDIATELY (PLEASE, not only after a year or public!) ,that will GIVE US THE FAIR CHANCE to find a way to guarantee your full satisfaction,as soon as possible.




Notwithstanding all the exceptional and gorgeous furniture and fittings - DON'T EXPECT ALL THE AMENITIES OF A BIG HOTEL in this small historical canal house ...which on the other hand doesn't suffer from the well-known sterility of many a conventional 4 or 5 - star chain hotel - our house is highly personalized and definitely no soulless place:




A bar,a restaurant, 24 hours reception and room service,a swimming pool,a fitness room,laundry service,etc....

There are no public rooms, besides a small lobby (But our guest house is much more than a usual B&B).

...You may expect (as said):Air Conditioning,free high speed wireless internet connection,a labtop,which you can take to your room for an hour or two.


The hotel is set in a charming but very small HISTORIC MONUMENT from about 1720.

That sadly but inevitably implies: A VERY STEEP AND NARROW STAIRCASE and of course NO ELEVATOR !




There is - UNFORTUNATELY - not always someone present who can help you with your luggage .

...If you cannot CARRY YOUR HEAVY AND HUGE SUITCASES BY YOURSELF, PLEASE do not reserve a room on the upper floors, but rather CHOOSE ANOTHER HOTEL in a more modern building.


Then - eventually - you might miss < THE QUINTESSENTIAL AMSTERDAM EXPERIENCE >

- as another one of our happy guests named it so appropriately - but we would not like you to ruin your precious health... or ours!


ENJOY your stay with us.

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